Watercolor from a Photograph

Poonam the DancerOne thing I truly love to do is learn new design techniques – either hand or digital. Sometimes just to pass the time I’ll go through one of the many free tutorials on techniques for digital editing software. It’s fun and teaches you a lot about the software you use every day. Especially with the Adobe products, there is a sort of never-ending ability to fiddle around, and you can never find the end of it. When you want to create a particular effect, you always know there are about five different ways to do it.

Here’s one of those experiments from 2011. I took a photograph of my friend Poonam dancing, swapped the background for a watercolor paper texture and some bright color swatches, filtered the photograph to look a little painted, and added a relevant quote. Not bad for a spare hour or two.

Poonam, by the way, is a talented and very friendly actress in Los Angeles. You should can find out more about her on her website.

Ian Korn

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