RV-12 on KEZI

RV-12s at SunsetDid I mention that I build airplanes?

Since last September I have been working with a small company here in Eugene called Synergy Air, producing the factory-built SLSA (Special Light-Sport Aircraft) certified version of Vans RV-12. This is a plane that anyone, given enough time (think years) and money (think tens of thousands of dollars) could build as a kit. We happen to be the pros at building this plane and get them prepped, primed, assembled, painted, and certified so that anyone can buy a fully-completed one and be flying ASAP. It’s a pretty great plane – two-seater, single-propeller, lightweight, fast, and very fuel-efficient. It’s also so easy to fly that even I can do it, and I don’t know the first thing about aviation.

Even though, prior to this job, I have had no real training in either metalworking or aviation, I am proud of what I do. I like working with my hands.  There really is no feeling in the world quite like watching something you built from a pile of aluminum pieces literally fly off into the sunset, or knowing that because of your work you are contributing to the manufacturing revolution in the United States and changing the face of the aviation industry while you do it.

This is why it’s so satisfying to have your work recognized. One group of customers who really like this plane are flight schools. The Lane Aviation Academy – right across the tarmac from us – has bought two of our RV-12s and they love them. Recently, local news channel KEZI did a piece on how they used the plane. Pretty cool to turn on the TV and say, “Hey! I built that!”

If you’re interested in the plane itself, I would recommend you don’t ask me questions. I’m just going to point you to the Fly RV-12 website so you can get answers from people who know way more than me.

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