i am korn.

Ian KornWell, you’ve found me. Welcome to my website.

I’ve had a website in one form or another since about 1997. First it was just keeping an online journal. All my friends had one, too, and it was good way for us to keep up with each other’s lives as we went off to college and beyond. Somewhere along the way I decided that the internet was just too public a forum for that sort of thing. Later, when I started doing some freelance photography in 2008, I put up a website to showcase my work. When I started travelling, it became a sort of hybrid photo/travel journal, and once I started architecture school a few years later some of my work made it up there.

At this point the website was trying to be three things at once. It was all very confusing and I didn’t have time to run it anyway. Architecture school, as you might have heard, is a lot of work. So I let it sit there and gather whatever the online equivalent of dust is.

I graduated last year, and suddenly have more time. Unlike a lot of my friends, I never got into the whole online portfolio website thing – I just think a website has to do something a little more – but I thought it would be a good idea to put myself out there somehow. Recently I’ve had a few people ask me to start a blog, so I gave in. I’m still not sure what iankorn.com is going to be. I intend this to be a place where I can share projects I’m working on, adventures I’m taking, random thoughts, and things I’m learning. Apart from the typical blog entry thing, you can expect photo, design, and architecture projects. The best stuff from my old website (iankphoto.com, in case you’re wondering) will slowly be transferred over, and new stuff will start to fill in.

If you want to know more about me, check out the about page, or just ask. I promise I don’t bite. (Much.)

Thanks for following along. I look forward to giving you something to make it worth your while.


Ian Korn

Architect. Photographer. Beer enthusiast. World traveler. Fitness fan. (Sometime) bike commuter. Committed christian.

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